• Internship

“Learn from the lawyers who are leaders in their field of practice”

Our Internship programmes are designed to provide young law students with a chance to gain valuable experience working in various practical aspects of law.We offer a wide range of internship opportunities in Corporate and Commercial, Project Finance, Employment, Arbitration & Litigation, and Intellectual Property Rights practice areas.

We offer real responsibilities to interns in order to familiarize them with the work profile of a full time advocate or solicitor. Interns work alongside experienced lawyers on real matters to sharpen their legal skills.

Before you proceed to submit your internship application form, kindly take some time to go through the following links to get to know the internship opportunities we offer. Please note that you have to apply for internships through this online form and applications via other modes will not be accepted.


Under “EXPLORE” Internship programme, students are expected to complete a minimum 4 weeks of Internship with us in a mutually agreed upon practice area.

Eligibility: 4th and 5th year law students.


“PRODIGIES” is first of its kind and unique Internship programme meant for the penultimate and final year law students. This apprenticeship is spanned across 6 months to 2 years. It is designed to give the students a complete insight of work environment and culture of a law firm.

  1. The programme commences in May/ June every year.
  2. Interns will work with different teams, thus developing an understanding of different practice areas of the law.
  3. Applicants should apply at least 6 months in advance for this programme.