IP Audits and IP Valuation

We deal in inspection and scrutiny of IP portfolios by preparing comprehensive reports. Our firm focuses in providing intellectual property audits and intellectual property valuation to our clients, both nationally and internationally, which includes legal audit of their intellectual property positions. Our Attorneys accurately inspect and scrutinize IP portfolios to ascertain whether the IP assets of an enterprise have been adequately and validly protected in different jurisdictions. We offer a comprehensive assessment of our client’s intellectual property holdings by focusing on identifying all the intellectual property assets within the organization being audited, identifying any problems that exist with the intellectual property ownership, identifying any defects in title or enforceability of the organization’s intellectual property and identifying any unprotected intellectual property assets. We further prepare valuation reports, based on technical, legal and commercial parameters, for our clients, assisting them in obtaining right value for their IP as an asset. This valuation helps our client to Increase their capital, obtain funding by hypothecation of their IP assets, determine correct value of IP assets during Mergers & Acquisitions, Assign or License their IP assets.

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