Is Covid-19 A Force Majeure in Commercial Contract?

Is Covid-19 A Force Majeure in Commercial Contract?

Watch the video of Vikas Goel and Arjun Anand discussing the applicability of Force Majeure clause in COVID-19 scenario?



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  1. Shruti bapat says on 27 Mar 2020

    Hi! My query is with request to a L&L Agreement. During this pandemic, what is the provision for payment of rent towards unoccupied commercial premises? Especially those which havent been occupied since the signing of the contract? Thanks!

    • Ashish Chauhan says on 11 Apr 2020

      Hi,Whether the premises is occupied or not makes no difference in the present situation of lockdown unless, the use of premises is used to render ‘essential services’.You may examine the agreement in terms of the Force Majeure (‘FM’) clause. You may invoke FM clause and issue a notice/ intimation to the landlord.

  2. devi says on 22 Apr 2020

    hi ..If the agreement is done and all the process like po is ready and they need to give the bags they mentioning as force majeure is applied we cant give now .within how many days after agreement force majeure is applied and what are the tc

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