Procedure of Transfer of Shares During M&A

Procedure of Transfer of Shares During M&A

 Private Limited Company – Transfer Title to Shares

Q1) What is the procedure to transfer shares of a company?

The share transfer deed, duly stamped, is required to be executed both by the transferor and the transferee and delivered to the company along with the share certificates. The company will approve the transfer of shares and record the transfer in its registers and endorse the transferee details on the share certificate, and return it to the transferee. Where shares are held in dematerialized form, the delivery instruction slip, relating to shares, signed by the transferor is required to be deposited with Depository Participant where transferee is maintaining his de- mat account. Thereafter, shares will be credited in the de-mat account of the transferee.

Share & Asset Sales Timetable

 Q2) Is there any statutory time limit to complete sale of shares or assets?  

The time frame for sale of asset and shares entirely depends on the parties and the complexity of the transaction.  

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    Where is this process of executing transfer form in case of amalgamation mentioned in companies act?

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