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The Netherlands has been among top three investors in India for almost 6 years. Both, India and Netherlands have initiated multiple agreements to realise  full potential of their economic relations. Indian companies also play a major role in The Netherlands foreign investment statistics.

  • On the 70th anniversary of Indo-Dutch relations, a high level visit took place between the India and Dutch leaders in 208. Over 200 trades representative and 140 companies were a part of this two day event. This visit was a way to enhance economic relations in both countries and strengthen the ongoing relations.
  • A virtual trade mission was organized by The Netherlands in India in 2021. The goal was to facilitate organizations from India and The Netherlands to get a better understanding of the challenges and process of doing business in both the countries. 


Sectors that attracted maximum FDI equity inflows from The Netherlands

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India has over 200 leading Dutch companies registered. At the same time India plays a big role in formulating the Dutch foreign investment. Netherlands is one of the most prominent trade partners of India in European Union. Many Indian startups have registered their position in Netherlands and are marking a valuable spot in their economy. A remarkable growth was seen by the Indian company OYO Rooms that now place a great presence in the Dutch tourism markets.

Leading Netherlands companies in India

Leading Indian Companies in Netherlands



World Trade Organization - Dispute Settlement Body

The World Trade Organization is the only international governing body that decides the rules of trade. There are various WTO agreements signed by hundreds of nations, which form the process of trade between those nations. They aim to ensure a smooth flow of trade and provide free trade possibilities. WTO has a dispute settlement body that ensures if any trade related disputes arise, they are dealt within the organization and a free flow continues. The Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) acts as a general council for disputes settlement for its member countries. India is a leading signatory of DSB and has resolved various minor and major disputes through the DSB.

Netherlands Innovation Network: The Netherlands Innovation Network is a one stop solution for any company or authority looking to build better ties with India. The goal is increase cooperation in the field of science and technology. Start-ups from both the countries have come forward to ask for help and the support extended created various opportunities. Important features of this group include:

  • Providing knowledge about science and IT sector
  • Connecting potential collaborations and trade partners
  • Organizing workshops and matchmaking events
  • Identifying funding mechanisms for multilateral cooperation

Double Taxation Avoidance between India and Netherlands

In 1989 the double tax avoidance agreement (DTAA) was signed between India and Netherlands. The agreement covers tax residents of  The Netherlands and India. It covers income tax earned by the residents of both the nations. The agreement does not apply to shell companies, the shell companies are mere non-operating bodies with no real or contentious business activity records.

Any Dutch company that has a permanent establishment in India; the profit attributable to the permanent establishment will be taxed only in India. And the same process will apply to any Indian company established in The Netherlands

India and the Netherlands have had a flourishing trade relation especially in IT sector and upcoming start-ups

Netherlands India – Top Sectors of Export Import


Although there no Indian banks in Netherlands, the key banks in Netherlands like ABN AMRO has extended their support to Indian businesses multiple times. There are some prominent money transfer options for Indian businesses as well.

Money Transfer Options for Indian Companies

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