Current Trends of Foreign Investment in India

Mr. Ravi Singhania, Managing Partner Singhania Partners LLP Spoke at the webinar series called “Current trends in Foreign Investment in the region post Covid-19” organised by the Stock Exchange of Thailand & Seri Manop & Doyle on the 3ed of March 2022.

Ravi in the duration of his talk spoke about the current trends of foreign investments in India. Under his topic he spoke about the direct investment inflows despite pandemic. Accelerated digitalization, augmented use of AI to overcome barriers set by the pandemic, and increased policy focus in manufacturing will carry over this investment buzz in upcoming years. Further, he elaborated on Initiatives like Make in India, Production linked schemes and Start-up India, their eligibility, criteria, and benefits.

In continuation, he talked through IP administration in India, IP recognized in India and the Indian IP regime the significant developments in the functionality to the IP office during and post-pandemic He concluded by elucidating on the legislative and judicial system in India, foreign arbitral award in India and enforcement of foreign awards in India.