Doing Business in Malaysia

Mr. Ravi Singhania, Managing Partner Singhania Partners LLP discussed the ease of doing business in Malaysia with Ms. Lee Eng cher – Partner at Zaid Ibrahim & Co. in a virtual discussion organised by Lawwiser on 17th February 2022

Mr. Singhania elucidated from an Indian perspective the expectations of Indian companies that invest or are looking to invest in Malaysia as compared to the ASEAN countries. He further mentioned that an Indian company that is looking for new markets, and acquiring already existing business requires an ecosystem that supports or allows ease in investing in Malaysia.

Secondly, The Indian Investor expects ease in the relocation of senior management such as C-suite Executives to Malaysia. Lee Eng cher – Partner at Zaid Ibrahim & Co. provided insights into the initiative such as Millennium Development Authority( MiDA) offered by the Malaysian Government to ease investment into sectors like Manufacturing, Textiles, and Pharmaceuticals. She also mentioned that Malaysia is seeking investments in Artificial Intelligence.

The discussion was fruitful as it shed light on the initiatives, laws, and the Indian perspective of what the Indian investors are looking for while investing in Malaysia.

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