Open House on Legal Strategy for Infrastructure Contracts & Disputes


Singhania & Partners LLP in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) co-hosted an Open House on “Legal Strategy for Infrastructure Contracts & Disputes”. The event witnessed the presence of various industry experts and other eminent persons from the legal domain and jurists like Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.S. Sistani (Retd.) High Court of Delhi and Hon'ble Mr. Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw (Retd.), High Court of Delhi.

● The event started with a welcome remark by Mr. Ravi Singhania, who also moderated the first session on “Expert Evidence Testimony in Arbitration”.

● Second-panel discussion for the day was on “Can Non-Signatory be bound by Arbitration”. The session was moderated by Mr. Vikas Goel, Senior Partner at Singhania & Partners LLP

● Third and last panel discussion for the event was on “Legal Strategy for Infrastructure Contracts & Disputes”. The session was moderated by Mr. Abhimeet Sinha, Partner at Singhania & Partners LLP.

The event primarily focused at highlighting the significance of a selected few stages in arbitration with an emphasis on gathering of expert evidence and its relevance. Along with it, legal concerns that arise in infrastructure contracts and related judicial pronouncements were discussed in detail by the panel members.

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