Ravi Singhania and Partners author a book on White Collar Crimes in India

Singhania Partners LLP is exhilarated to announce the launch of the book" White Collar Crimes- An  Indian Perspective" authored by Mr. Ravi Singhania, Mr. Vikas Goel and Mr. Abhishek Kumar. The book is published by Thomson Reuters in India.

We celebrated the launch of this book on 13 April, 2022 and the occasion was graced by Honourable Mr. JusticeAmit Bansal, High Court of Delhi, Mr. Chetan Sharma, Additional Solicitor General of India and Senior Advocate and Dr. Lalit Basin, President, Society of Indian Law Firms.

Mr. Singhania in his speech said that “It is a proud moment for the firm to be able to bring out the experiences of working with the clients in a book form for the legal fraternity and those who are keen to know about the criminal aspects of numerous laws.”

Mr Abhishek Kumar thanked his fellow team members for their tireless efforts for making the book a reality. He further added that “the purpose of the book is to create general awareness amongst the public at large, academicians, and students on this subject.”

Mr. Vikas Goel said that “Writing a book was like going on an expedition wherein the time and the effort required is unknown but at the end it gives you a sense of accomplishment and respect. It was a great learning experience for me and the first reward came when Hon’ble Mr.  Justice Dipak Mishra, Former Chief Justice of India agreed to write the foreword for the book.”

Our chief guest Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amit Bansal, had all the praises for the book, who said that, “The book has a great pattern,  genesis, latest amendments and mention of the regulatory bodies which makes it reader friendly for the public at large.” He highly recommended the book to those who are keen to know more about white-collar crimes in India.

Additional Solicitor General of India and Senior Advocate Mr. Chetan Sharma (Guest of Honour) congratulated the firm and its authors for their tireless efforts of writing the book. He added jokingly that “reading a book is an enormous effort, and I can only imagine what efforts writing a book involve. He further added that lawyers are never masters of law but always a student. This book only adds to the existing knowledge and will be a delight to read.”

Dr Lalit Basin during his speech said, “I stand here as a student after gaining some knowledge on criminal law particularly in reference to white-collar crimes.” He highly recommended this book for lawyers, corporates, law students, and public at large.

The primary attempt of this book on White-Collar Crimes in India is to spread a general awareness about various types of such crimes which have plagued the country. The book primarily focuses on different laws enacted by the legislature, along with relevant rules and regulations, to check white-collar crimes such as corruption, banking and tax frauds, money laundering, black money, cybercrimes, adulteration of food supplies and corporate frauds amongst others.  The book also discusses the role of various law enforcement agencies and the adjudication process for such crimes.

This book is another addition to the existing publications authored by the lawyers of the firm. Some of our other publications are Drafting of Contracts - Templates with Drafting Notes; Employment Laws in India; Compendium of Articles on International Arbitration; Employment Law Review in India; Aviation Law Review; and Rights and Responsibilities of Directors in India.


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