Scope of Court Proceedings after publication of Arbitration Award’

Singhania and Partners LLP collaborated with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as knowledge partners to host a webinar on 'SCOPE OF COURT PROCEEDINGS AFTER PUBLICATION OF ARBITRATION AWARD'. Senior partners Mr Vikas Goel and Ms Madhu Shweta were joined by Mr Ashok Kumar Maheshwari from CII as the key speakers of this webinar. The webinar focused on key areas of discussion with regard to proceeding of an arbitral award and aimed to answer all the possible doubts a person in such a proceedings could face.

Mr Goel addressed key areas like correction of award, section 33 and setting aside of award. Ms Madhu Shweta dwelled upon the topics like recourse against arbitral award, unreasoned award and scope of remission of award. Mr Ashok Kumar Maheshwari, the Vice President and Group Council KCT Group also joined the discussion to share his inputs with the audience on this matter.

The discussion was followed by several questions from the attendees and was very well addressed by our speakers. The speakers were very well appreciated for their intuitive understanding of the subject.

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