Webinar on Decoding New Labour Code

Mr. Dipak Rao spoke at an interactive webinar on Decoding new labour codes in India organised by Indian Staffing Federation on 23rd March 2022.

Mr. Rao analysed the Industrial Relation Code 2020 (IRC). He discussed the new definitions that have been introduced in the code along with those that have been modified. His main focus was on discussing the critical changes that would be brought about through IRC.

He goes on to discuss the key provisions under each chapter of IRC while focussing on Bi-partite Forums (Chapter 2), Trade Unions (Chapter 3), Standing Orders (Chapter 4), and Resolution of Industrial disputes (Chapter 7). Furthermore, he discusses the revised enhanced penalties that need to be paid by persons contravening the provisions of IRC.

Mr. Rao ends his presentation by Q&A session with the participants.

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