Ravi Singhania Managing Partner of Singhania & Partners was a panelists at the 14th Annual Conference on ROAD DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA which was organised by organized by India Infrastructure Publishing  from Monday,  26 Aug 2019 to Wednesday, 28 Aug 2019. Ravi shared his knowledge and experience of advising and representing   construction contractor in various arbitration and projects. He further elucidated the unresolved issues and challenges faced by construction contractors.


Ravi shedding light on the concerns of the construction contractors and further talking about the remedies to resolve them was well appreciated by his fellow panelists. Click on the video to more about the challenges faced and the strategies adopted to resolve the issues faced by contractors.


Some of the participants of the conference include Vivekananda Bridge Tollway Company, Sitech India, Sojitz India, SRF Limited, STP Limited, Strategic Marketing and Team, Sunil Chemicals, Tata Capital, Tata, Cleantech, Tata Finance Capital, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery, Tata Steel, TCIL, Theme Engineering Service, TransAsia Infrastructure Group, Trimble Solution, India, Ultra Tech, NHAI.



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