Bankruptcy & Insolvency

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Our experts on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Codeadvise on the large and complex restructurings of distressed assets along with contingency planning, debt restructuring, distressed acquisitions/sales, credit bidding, formal insolvency proceedings, out-of-court refinancing, and distressed debt trading. 

We advise lenders and investors at all levels of the capital structure as well as corporates/directors, central banks, insolvency officeholders/trustees, and government institutions. We work closely with specialists in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, tax, regulatory, capital markets, and litigation to provide an all-round service.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with bankruptcy and insolvency issues and to serve clients seeking relief as lender, creditor, debtor, investor or in any other capacity.

We advise on exit strategies, refinancing, debt restructuring, distressed debt trading and investment in distressed assets.

We appear before National Company Law Tribunal and other courts of law and have represented clients in Real Estate, Education, Steel, and Infrastructure sector.

We are an extension of your in-house legal team

The client’s satisfaction is evident from years of their association with us, more than a decade for a lot of them. We act as an extension of in-house legal teams and act as External Legal Counsel to you. Our efforts are towards being strategic partners in your growth and not to be just a law firm.

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