Dispute Resolution


Mediation in India is becoming increasingly popular amongst the disputing parties owing to its less-time consuming and cost effective factor. Mediation is a process where the parties voluntarily sit on a table to negotiate and resolves their disputes under the guidance of a Mediator. With a view to reduce pendency of cases, even the courts in India are highly bent towards the use of mediation by the parties to mutually resolve their disputes. Mediation has often proved to be beneficial for the parties and it is for this reason that mediation in commercial disputes has now become mandatory by way of an amendment to the Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of the High Courts Act 2015.Since a long time now, various rules and regulations have been in place pertaining to the conduct and procedure of mediation endorsed by courts in India. Therefore, a party may find it difficult to comprehend and understand that Mediation rules applicable on them.

We have therefore compiled all the information pertaining to Mediation and have attempted to simplify it in the manner below:

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