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We provide IP investigation services by way of market surveys and research which may also include search and seizures related to any counterfeit and pirated goods.

The investigators are well informed about the civil and criminal IP remedies. Our IP investigators conduct background checks and grey market investigations, prepare surveillance report and IP litigation support services. We advise clients on enforcement strategy and provide detailed reports on the way forward.

We maintain utmost client confidentiality while conducting such investigation services and also provide redemptive steps and preventive strategies to our clients against any criminal or civil infringements and misbranding.

Investigation Services FAQ's

Intellectual Property Investigations or IP Investigations are often conducted when an intellectual property holder is of the view that their intellectual property assets are being infringed or stolen. The holder, in this case, may not have any hard evidence or confession as intellectual property losses are often hidden or less visible. Consequently, IP Investigation services provide an independent oversight through effective and adequate means of gathering information in the instance an infringement action warrants a legal recourse. Notably, any intellectual property infringement impacts a company greatly as it may result in devaluation of the Tradename.

Presently, there is no legislation which governs the IP Investigation in India, however, IP Investigations are conducted based on good practice while maintaining complete confidentiality and proper recording of evidence.

Any individual who has a statutory or common law right on any kind of intellectual property can ask for an IP investigation in case of a breach. Breach may be of any kind, such as

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Copyright
  • Industrial Design
  • Trade Secret
  • Domain Name etc.

Popular brands and products often experience counterfeiting of goods which can affect the growth and sales of the original producing entity. In such cases, one tries to find out whether the fakes are manufactured in India or manufactured abroad and distributed in India. A Counterfeiting Investigation helps investigate the individual responsible for the supply and production of such counterfeit goods.

Following are a few kinds of IP investigations popularly conducted:

  • Patent Infringement Investigation: A lot of market players from the medical, pharma, software and technology sectors experience breach against their technology. Patent infringement Investigators investigate into the abuse of the ground-breaking innovations and the violation of innovative devices and Designs;
  • Trade Secrets Breach Investigation: Trade secrets investigation is used in cases where intellectual property rights are critical for the business growth and its breach could result to great damages. This could include breach of commercially sensitive information and business methods known by a very limited number of persons;
  • Branding, Copyright Piracy Investigation: A lot of music composers, book authors, film producers and other creative persons from different industry sectors usually prefer for this type of an investigation to protect their intellectual rights and Copyrights with their creation;
  • Grey Market Investigation: This helps to deliver great results with cases involving infringed and pirated goods and their illegal sales. The Investigators trace and locate the supply chain and the stock behind their illegal distribution which helps gather concrete evidence for any product from any industry.

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