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We advise on Copyrights and deals with various individuals and companies like creators, actors, performers, authors, publishers, producers and broadcasters, etc. we provide for services related to Copyright registration, licensing, assignment and enforcement. We regularly assist our clients in securing registrations for Copyright works and also handle the objections raised during examination of the application. We regularly assist our clients with drafting agreements related to transfer of rights related to Copyrighted works considering both Contract Law and the Copyright Law in India. We take steps to protect our client’s Copyright by taking actions against the misuse of our client’s Copyrighted works by sending cease and desist notices, conducting raids and seizures. We further opine the clients on the appropriate authorities to seek redressal of the issues related to infringement of the Copyright. We maintain a system to keep a timely check on the upcoming deadlines and make every effort to stay in touch with our clients on a regular basis.

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