Ruchi Bansal is an accomplished Corporate Lawyer and a qualified Company Secretary, offering a comprehensive spectrum of legal expertise finely tuned to the Global business landscape. With a keen focus on corporate and commercial litigation and advisory, Ruchi excels in steering pivotal partnerships and possesses an innate understanding of the intricate Global business ecosystem.

Her forte lies in furnishing holistic legal counsel to investors eyeing entry into the Indian market through diverse avenues such as joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and venture capital investments. Ruchi's proficiency spans transaction structuring, meticulous agreement drafting, conducting due diligence, overseeing documentation, establishment of corporate entities, and navigating the nuanced life cycle of capital dynamics. Her meticulous approach ensures sustained compliance with pertinent laws, encompassing compliance audits and safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Coupled with her robust background in corporate governance and an astute comprehension of the company's life cycle, she is uniquely positioned to advice boards and senior management of both publicly held and large private companies and implement sustainability measures. Her adeptness in deciphering the complexities of the legal landscape empowers clients to pursue their business objectives with unwavering confidence.