India is taking the reform process for Ease of Doing Business in India seriously and it has shown results when foreign direct investment in the country increased even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

States are leading by example in putting together action plans and making sure that reforms happen as the intense competition to rank higher on India’s internal Ease of Doing Business index has led to a huge improvement in the business climate in all 28 states and nine Union Territories.

We have compiled together important information on doing business in India about some of the Indian states. The representation below is not in any order, however, it will give you a fair idea of the single window system, utility permits, and environment, setting Up a Business, Land Allotment, and

Obtaining Construction Permits, Complying with Environment Procedures, Complying with Labour Regulations, Obtaining Infrastructure related Utilities, Registering and Complying with Tax Procedures, Carrying Out Inspections, and Enforcing Contracts in these states.

Keep watching out this space for more information.