The Legal Know – How for Start-Ups

The Legal Know – How for Start-Ups

The Legal Know – How for Start-Ups

Rudra Srivastava, Partner Singhania & Partners LLP joined the panel discussion at the Entrepreneurship Conclave held on 4 September 2019 organised by Vivekananda School of Business Studies, VIPS. This conclave is an annual event of the business school which aims to inspire students to become entrepreneurs and also to make them aware of nuances of entrepreneurship.

Rudra has advised more than 40 start-ups. In this conclave he talked about cautious optimism while working towards realising your start-up dream. He highlighted the importance and need of a Founders Agreement, Employment Laws, Investor-Investee Agreements, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Compliances to ensure smooth functioning of a start–up.

Other speakers in the session included, Mr. Parteek Sharma, Founder Nasofilters; Mr. SIvesh Kumar, Founder-Startup Monks; Mr.Advait Kumar, Co-founder, Swajal Water ATMs; and Mr. Pushpinder Singh, Founder,Travel Khana.


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